Appliance Waste Recycle

Appliance removal, disposal, and recycling is available 7 days a week in Sonoma County, CA. Removal of your refrigerator, stove, hot water heater, microwave oven, freezer, or washer and dryer is just a call away.

Furniture Waste Removal

 Furniture Removal at Sonoma County Waste Removal Company for removal of your unwanted couch, sofa, bed, mattress, love seat, easy chair, or lazy boy recliner from $35!

Garbage Waste Hauling

Residential household garbage pick-up service and waste disposal is available from $49 a truckload. That includes the dump fees and loading! Same day service for removal of waste is available anywhere in Sonoma County, CA.

Green Waste Removal

Sonoma County green waste is recycled localy. All wood, lumber, construction material, tree limbs, logs, yard trimmings, brush, leaves and branches are considered green waste and is recycled.

Hot Tub Spa Removal

Santa Rosa Construction Debris Hauling
Construction Debris Removal and Concrete Hauling Service for all Sonoma County - Marin County - Santa Rosa - Bodega Bay - Penngrove - Novato - Sonoma - Russian River - Sebastopol - Rohnert Park - Petaluma - Cotati - Windsor - Healdsburg - Guerneville - San Rafeal - Forestville - Monte Rio - Cazadero - Corte Madera

We provide low cost removal of junk and debris anywhere in Sonoma County including junk hauling in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Sonoma, Windsor, and Healdsburg, CA.


Wood & Lumber Hauling Santa Rosa
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      Big or small jobsite clean-up projects are OK. If your construction site has any unwanted dimensional lumber that is cluttering the area and you need it removed, just call our wood debris removal team and we can provide next day service anywhere in Sonoma County, CA. We have small size pickup trucks for recycling of small 2-4 yards of scrap wood, firewood logs, lumber, or plywood. We also have 20 yard dumpster size trailers for big loads of construction debris or demolition debris. Our strong and capable junk hauling team will load your wood debris quickly and safely and take it to the local wood recycling facility on Todd Rd. in Santa Rosa. We provide full job site clean up service in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Winsdor, HealdsburgRohnert Park, Forestville, Sebastopol, Graton, Kenwood, Glen Ellen, and Cotati, CA.

     If your lookng for an affordable way to get wood debris removal service in Santa Rosa or the surrounding area, we have a low price guarantee on disposal of wood scraps, lumber, wood siding, demolition debris, and removed deck boards anywhere in Sonoma County. Our prices on wood recycling pick up and job site clean up services are the lowest in Sonoma County.

     We offer low low rates on disposal of wood and lumber removal. We are a green hauling company and we have recycled wood waste and construction or remodel debris for over 13 years. That means that since 2001, 100% of the wood scraps, plywood, and lumber that we hauled away was recycled, here in Santa Rosa, at the Todd Rd. wood recycling facility. We are able to recycle wood waste and dimensional lumber as well as any tree limbs, branches, wood pallets, and brush. If demolition of your backyard shed or gazebo has you stuck with a huge pile of unwanted wood scraps or old lumber, we can recycle it all! It doesn't matter if your wood has screws or nails in it. We can even recycle wood and plywood that has been painted! Painted wood such as wooden siding, old dressers, deck boards, re-finished or painted wood can still be recycled at the Santa Rosa wood recycling facility. There is a huge machine at the wood recycler that grinds up all our scrap boards and dimensional lumber and makes it into wood chips that people use to landscape thier yards and walkways. Its a great use of all the wood scraps and painted lumber we haul away and re-use of the wooden boards as ground cover help keep Sonoma County green and clean!

     Wood debris removal service in Santa Rosa and the surrounding area is just a phone call or a click away. Just call
(707) 922-5654 or click here to book wood debris disposal online. We can provide next day scrap wood removal anywhere in Sonoma
including Petaluma, Windsor, Glen Ellen, Sebastopol, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Sonoma, Guerneville, and Kenwood, CA. Pick-up of old wood waste or cleanup of your jobsite is easy to order anytime 7 days a week. Once you book a construction waste removal appointment with Sonoma County Waste Disposal Service, our top notch rubbish removal team will show up at your commercial jobsite or residential remodel project at the time specified and go to work cleaning your pile of debris and loading all the scrap wood rubbish into our dump truck or trailer. Since 100% of the wood and lumber we haul away is recycled, we can remove and dispose of large amounts of wood construction waste for a fraction of the cost other junk hauling companies charge. You can keep your big or small construction site clean, safe, and clutter free at an affordable price that will fit any budget.

     Sonoma County contractors and builders have learned to rely on Sonoma County Waste Disposal Service for scrap wood pickup service at thier commercial and residential building sites since 2001. They know that when they call us for disposal of wood and lumber debris, we will be on time and get the disposal of wood scraps they have generated done quickly and safely. Many local business owners and proffesional tradesmen have us on speed dial because we give upfront and fair prices on disposal of lumber scrap and job site rubbish pickup. When you call us for scrap out service or send us to one of your jobs for removal of wood waste or construction waste, you can rest assured that we will provide honest prices on wood removal that will keep you calling us for jobsite rubbish disposal again and again.       
TakTaking down yards of wooden fence on your property? If your getting a new fence built or just getting rid of your old wood fence panels, we can help. Once your wood fence boards are removed or knocked down, our rubbish disposal experts will
gather up your unwanted wood pieces and recycle them at the local wood recycling plant. Painted fence boards or boards full of nails and screws are OK. Our wood debris recycler accepts all forms of wood and lumber debris including painted or stained fence boards, painted wooden fence panels.

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      What other wood debris do we remove and recycle? You name it, we have removed it. If your replacing rotten T1-11 plywood siding, demolishing your rotted deck boards, taking out an unwanted gazebo in your back yard, doing a home remodel project, tearing out old wooden cabinets, or you have 2 X 4 or 2 X 6 wood cut off scraps from new framing, we can provide responsible pickup and recycling of all your unwanted building materials. We see alot of demolition projects where wood waste is the main type of rubbish generated. These include the demolition of a storage shed or carport at residential locations. Many backyard tool sheds or storage sheds are made mostly of wood. Even if your demolished shed is painted and full of nails and screws, we can still remove and recycle that used lumber at an affordable price.

We are the biggest and most affordable junk pick-up service in Sonoma County. Junk hauling services for Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Cotati, Novato, San Rafeal, Russian River, Guerneville, Forestville, and Sonoma, CA.

Get 2 yards of rock, cement, concrete, or dirt, removed for only $199.00 in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, and Windsor, CA.
Fill with Wood $99.00!
Price is to fill my pickup truck with scrap lumber in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Sebastopol, Windsor, & Petaluma, CA.


Scrap Wood Removal Service
   We have the proper dump trucks as well as strong and capable debris removal experts that are trained to load your demolition waste safely and with no damage to your house or yard. Experts in shed and deck board demolition, we can also dismantle your old wooden patio or back yard tool shed, and then haul it away for you! Removal or demolition of wood sheds, railings, or decks at your Santa Rosa home or business is now easy and affordable with our construction debris removal and recycling team at (707) 922-5654.  We are Santa Rosa's #1 most affordable haulers of construction debris.
      Once you make your scrap lumber pickup appointment, our junk disposal team will show up at your residential or business location right on time and load your demo debris such as removed fence boards or demolished deck into our dump trailer and haul it away to the Santa Rosa wood recycler where it can be recycled. Since we practice recycling of all wooden building materials, we can provide the lowest prices on removal of your unwanted wood or lumber. Proffesional removal and hauling of deck boards and other heavy construction debris is now affordable and easy. Get your demolished lumber hauled away and recycled today. The remodel debris removal team at Sonoma County Waste Disposal Service provides on time proffesional junk pickup service at affordable rates that will fit any budget. Rubbish pickup service and jobsite cleanup services are available in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Windsor, Cotati, and Sebastopol, CA.
     Keep your commercial job site safe and clutter free by contacting us for low cost pickup and disposal of your wood scraps. We recycle 100% of building materials, plywood, OSB ply wood sheets, beams, header stock, 4X4 posts, glue lambs, demolition debris such as removed T1-11 siding or rotten deck boards, wooden furniture, torn down wood sheds, and more! Anything made of wood can be recycled at the local Santa Rosa wood recycling plant, even if it has paint, stain, varnish, or is embedded with nails and screws. If you have a huge commercial building project don't worry. We have a 20 yard dumpster that can be dropped at your location and filled with you wood scraps and un-used lumber for removal and recycling.

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Sonoma County Waste is not a problem for the junk removal team at Cheap Dump Runs (dot com). Call us anytime for waste hauling in Sonoma County, CA.
Yard Waste Removal

Sonoma County yard waste removal and recycling service is available in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Guerneville, Forestville, Kennwood, Glen Elen, Sonoma, Graton, Windsor, and Healdsburg, CA.

Household Waste Disposal

Residential junk removal service and household garbage pick-up and disposal is available 7 days a week. Got food? Call us for any trash hauling emergency.

E-Waste Recycling

Redude Sonoma County Waste by recycling old electronics and office equipment. We provide free E-Waste Recycling with every junk removal order. E-Waste consists of anything with a cord including your old computer or monitor.

Construction Waste Disposal

Sonoma County construction waste, remodel debris, concrete, wood, lumber, shingles, tile, dirt, and rocks can all be recycled here in Sonoma County.

Garage Storage Clean Outs

Scrap Wood Disposal and Jobsite Clean Up Service

      Construction site cleanup just got easier because we offer removal of scrap lumber, wood, and even scrap metal and garbage from any jobsite or commercial constuction project in Sonoma County. Recycling of scrap lumber and wood is something we specialize in. If you have a construction project with left over lumber scraps or plywood, and you want your job site cleaned up, just call (707) 922-5654 for quick and reliable removal of all your construction debris or unwanted scrap wood. Since 2001 Sonoma County Waste Disposal Service has been providing local Sonoma County contractors and builders with affordable cleanup service of thier residential jobsites or commercial building projects. If your doing a remodel on your home and have some unwanted remodel debris you need removed, or your a large contractor who has a whole track of residential homes your buliding or a large commerical project, we can show up weekly or just one time and get all your old wood and lumber disposed of so you can maintain safe work environment. Job site clean up of your contruction waste is just a phone call away! You can book clean up of your job site or residential construction project by clicking here. We are available to haul away anything 7 days a week!



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